OPTI6800T-APU - 6500 Watt Truck Diesel Generator
OPTI 6500W Silent Diesel Truck Generator

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OPTI6800T-APU comes with electric start, remote start, remote glow plug, specially designed mufflers (downward exhaust) and power transfer box with two 20A breakers inside. Mounting brackets( 6800T-MBS or 6800T-MBR), 12V electrical faucet fuel pump, portable AC, space heater, wheels & battery NOT included. 11HP Air-cooled, 6.5KW surge power, 5.5KW continuous power, Dimension(L*W*H) 37 in x 21 in x 25 in, 1000 hours or 12 months COMMERCIAL warranty, whichever comes first.

Warranty Warning: No starting fluid, off-road diesel fuel and/or dyed diesel fuel other than regular diesel fuel can be used with our portable diesel generators.Starting fluid can collapse piston, break piston rings, bend connecting rod and valves. Off-road diesel fuel and/or dyed diesel fuel can clog fuel injection pump and fuel injection nozzle, then cause burning and overheating problem. The use of starting fluid, off-road diesel fuel and/or dyed diesel fuel voids warranty. If you have starting problem, please refer to user's manual or directly cotact us for help.

Wireless Remote Start & Wireless Remote Glow Plug

Great Quality & Excellent Service You can trust!

Why not water-cooled APU?

1. Too expensive, the lowest base price in the market is $6,500.00 plus the additional installation fee of $1,000.00 to $2,000.00.

2. Too complicated and belt-driven, hard to mainetain. Belts are easy to wear off and break, it usually costs $300 ~ $400 to replace a broken belt though the belt itself may cost a couple of dollars. You have to drop the generator in a professional shop for repair.

3. Diesel engine is hard to start below the temperature of 25 degrees F without the help of the glow plug. The water used for cooling purpose extravagates the situation. It is very hard to start in cold winter.

Why OPTI Air-Cooled APU?

1. Heavy duty and great quality. specially reinforced downward exhaust muffler system, it runs quiet (72dB at 7 meter) and amazingly cool, no overheating and fatigue broken muffler at all though it is air-cooled.

2. Economic and most affordable in the market, the total investment is less than $3,000. It covers the cost of a generator for power source, a space heater for warmth, a portable air-conditioner for cooling, mounting brackets and installation. That is less than the half price of water-cooled generator.

3. Simplest design for no idle solution and easy maintenance. Core parts are easily accessible for easy maintenace, e.g., oil filter, fuel filter, air cleaner, oil drain plug, fuel pump, fuel injector, voltage stabilizer, start motor and capacitor.

4. Full remote controllable. You would stay inside driver's cab to keep you warm or cool whenever in hot summer or cold winter, just press buttons on Wireless RF key to remote power glow plug on/off, remote start or shut off your generator. The remote control unit works at least 100 feet away. So, imagine you stay in a hotel, you can remote start your generator far away from your room to warm up or cool down your cab before you drive. What a nice convenience!

5. Higher power output. Compared with typical output of 3.0KW for most of water-cooled generator, 6.5KW surge power and 5.5KW continuous power give you more options. It can run 12 hours at half load for a 4-gal fuel tank.

6. Power transfer box with two built-in 20A breakers for better protection. You can easily hook up power cables to power transfer box to run appliances and/or tools.

7. Quick Return on Investment. Typically, you can get all your investment money back in 5 or 6 months, e.g., if you run our unit 10 hours a day, you can save at least 6 gallons of fuel every day and $500.00 equivalently a month, let alone say the savings on truck engine maintenance.

The factory default wiring for power transfer box is that two sets of windings of generator are in parallel connection for only 120V output. If you need both 120V & 240V outputs, you only need to connect R1 & L2 while letting voltage selector stay in the right side for both 120V & 240V outputs. Please refer to wiring layout in the picture below!

Basically, you have two ways to install it in your truck that depend on the space clearance between your driver's cab and trailer. If you have enough space clearance, you can sit it right behind the cab (Method 1). Otherwise, you have to install it in the side (Method 2).

The installation is very simple for both methods. For Method 1, you can use two chain aims, drill two holes in each chain aim, push generator axles through the holes and hold your generator on your truck frame with necessary bolts and clamps. Please refer to the following pictures for your installation.

For method 2, you can use two triangular trusses to support your generator hooked up against your truck frame with necessary bolts and clamps. This way, you must avoid blocking the air intake openning underneath the side muffler cover.

You need to hook up your own truck battery to the generator. The generator will charge your battery when it runs. You may use gravity to pick fuel from your truck fuel tank if the fuel pump of your generator is lower than your truck fuel tank. You can also use a DC12V electrical facet fuel pump to pick fuel from your truck fuel tank. Our remote controller can be applied to wireless remote operating facet fuel pump.

How to Make Fuel Pickup Fittings for Truck Fuel Tank

DC 12V Electrical Facet Fuel Pump, $65.00/ea, sold separately.

The fuel injection pump of our portable diesel generators works at the pressure of 2 ~ 3 PSI by gravity. We carry high quality DC 12V automative electrical facet fuel pumps at the pressure of 2 to 4 PSI. It comes with 2 copper fuel fittings and one 74um in-line fuel filter (please refer to the above picture.) and works perfect with our truck generator.

High Quality Remote Control Assembly with 2 x magnetic tabs, 3 x 20A and 1 x 30A Relays (Special 8-Wires)

Two sets of ON and OFF buttons used for remote starting engine and turning on glow plug respectively: the upper set of ON & OFF buttons for starting engine and the lower set of Bulb-ON & Bulb-OFF buttons for controlling glow plug. Two Sets of buttons are interlocked each other and only one set of ON & OFF works at a time, the lower set of buttons is programmed for powering on glow plug 25 Sec and it will automatically power off after 25 Sec. You can also DEPRESS OFF button in the lower set of buttons for powering off glow plug earlier.

Our air-cooled EZ-APU is your auxiliary power source. There is a simple solution to solving creature's comfort problem: a space heater for heating and an portable air-conditioner for cooling. An oil-filled space heater such as AH-400 with 1200 BTU's of power and a Sharp CVP-10MX with 9200 BTU's of power are recommended.

The flat, upright AH-400 Oil-Filled Heater is perfect for placing along a wall, or in a corner of your driver's cab to bring warmth to your feet, legs, and then on to the rest of your body. Overheat protection also keeps you safe, so you won't have to worry about fires or getting too hot! Plus, it heats up quickly so you won't get left out in the cold waiting for warmth!

Sharp CVP-10MX has 4 Easy Roll Casters that allow the air conditioner to be moved easily. There is no water tank to empty and the built-in condensate disposal system sends the water out of the exhaust hose. It is library quiet as low as 36 dB at low cool. It applies plasmacluster ion technology that activate the Plasmacluster Ion generator to release positive and negative ions into the air. Its flexible exhaust hose and window adapter kit allow easy venting to the outside. You can buy a ventilation fan with flips, install it in the window of driver's cab and then connect the flexible exhaust hose to the fan for great ventilation.

You can select any brand portable air conditioner. However, it shall have AUTO EVAPORATION FEATURE. So, you do not need to drill a water-draining hole in your truck.


Generator Type Brushless, 2-pole, Single Phase
Voltage regulator Capacitor
Max Output 6500 watt
Rated Output 5500 watt
Rated Amps 46A@120V,23A@240V,8.3A@12V
Engine (KS186FAE):
Engine Type 4-Stroke, Air-cooled, Single Cylinder, OHV
Bore X Stroke (mm) 86 X 72
Displacement 418cc
Max Output 11HP/3600RPM/60Hz
Cylinder Material Steel Sleeve
Fuel Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.9 Gal
Continuous Operation Hours 12
Ignition System Direct Fuel Iinjection
Compression ratio 19:1
Crankshaft Direction Clockwise from Flywheel End
Cooling Type Forced Air-cooled by Fflywheel Ffan
Lube SAE15W40 or SAE5W40 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil
Lubrication Type Pressure Splash
Lube Capacity (Oz/L) 39 Oz / 1.15 L
Starting System Electric Start / Wireless Remote Start / Wireless Remote Glow Plug
Operation Noise Level(7m) 72dB
Electric Outlets:
Power Transfer Box

40A for 120V or 20A for 240V Electrical Terminal Block

NEMA Rating

2 x NEMA 5-20R for 120V @ 20A, 1 x NEMA L5-30R for 120A@ 30A, 1 x NEMA L14-30R for 120/240V @ 30A and 1 x DC12V @ 8.3A

Gross Weight (lb) 340
Product Dimensions (inches) 36.2 x 20.9 x 25
Carton Dimensions (inches) 37.2 x 21.5 x 29.0
 Standard Features
  • High Strength Durable Steel Sleeve Cylinder
  • Electric start, remote start and remote glow plug(range of operation >30M)
  • Downward exhaust muffler system
  • Power transfer box with two built-in 20A breakers
  • Large fuel tank with 12 hours continuous operating capability
  • Soundproofing - 72dB at 7 meters
  • Front lockable door
  • Design for easy maintenance
  • Brushless alternator
  • Automatic shutdown for low oil pressure
  • Vibration isolation mounting between engine/alternator feet & base frame
  • Reduced vibration and improved durability
  • Non-fused breaker protection for AC
  • Overload protection and convenience
  • AC Voltmeter,120V/240V switch
  • DC 12V charging system(truck/car/boat batteries)
  • Low fuel indicator, oil alert
  • Ground fault interrupter
  • Dependable, Maintenance Free Alternator
  • Advanced direct fuel injection system
  • Provides low fuel consumption
  • All American standard receptacles
  • Includes hour meter